10 Amazing Facts About Labradors

10 Amazing Facts About Labradors

If you have a Labrador retriever or if you want to bring a Labrador into your home, your life gets filled with joy, love, fun and excitement.

You can never imagine the amount of love your Labrador gives you. Trust me, you get overwhelmed by it. Hence Labradors are considered the most affectionate and loving family dogs.

You might know a lot of things about these loving dogs, but there are a lot of amazing facts about Labradors that might surprise you and make you smile.

Have a look at our top 10 Labrador facts and expand your Labrador knowledge.


Have a look at our 10 amazing facts about Labradors.

 1. Labradors did not come from the area of Labrador

Actually the name Labrador is a bit misleading. Like German shepherds originated from Germany, many people think that the Labradors came from the area of Labrador.

But they actually originated in Newfoundland in the 1500s. They used to live only in Newfoundland until they were brought to England during the early 1800s.


 2. All 3 colors in the same litter

It can be very exciting to wait to see the color of the Labrador puppies being born in the litter. Actually, you can get all the 3 colored puppies in the same litter. The color of the puppies in the litter purely depends upon the color coat genetics.

3 colors in the same litterpic credit: Erikeltic

I have seen Labs that produced chocolate, yellow and black colored puppies in the same litter.


 3. Not every Lab loves water

This is another fact many people are not aware of. Whenever you think of a Labrador, you might imagine it to be playing in the water. But this is not the case with respect to every Labrador.

My first Labrador “Simba” hates to play in the water.


 4. Labs were friends of the fisherman

Every breed was bred for a particular purpose and utility. In the same way, the ancestors of our Labradors used to help the fishermen of the Newfoundland in retrieving fish and pulling the nets. Their traits such as temperament, water repellent short coat and great swimming ability helped them to do their job perfectly.


 5. Labradors have webbed toes

Many animals and birds such as frogs and ducks have webbed feet. This kind of webbed feet aids them in their movement.

Similarly, a Labrador has webbed toes. You can notice the shape of these webbed toes especially while bathing your dog. These webbed toes are one of the reasons for your Lab’s good swimming abilities.


 6. Chocolate Lab facts

Here are some chocolate Labrador facts.

Chocolate Lab facts

The cute chocolate Labrador which is a favourite to many people was undesirable during the 1800s. Because of this reason, most of the chocolate Lab puppies were simply culled after looking at their coat color.


 7. Black Lab facts

Have a look at some black Labrador facts.

For many years black Labradors were adored by everyone more significantly when compared with yellow and chocolate Labs. Black is considered the original and genetically the most dominant.

But in today’s world, there are instances where black Labradors are being left in the pet shelters. Many people are not preferring black Labradors and it is being difficult to rehome them.

Black Lab facts

Maybe because of the coat color, or some might think that they do not look good in photographs or some might think they are a bit scary. Many people are not preferring to adopt a black dog. Although this is not everywhere, this is being happened in many cases.


 8. Yellow Lab facts

Have you seen a white Labrador or a fox red Labrador? Actually, they are not different but the different shades of the same yellow Labrador.

Thus a yellow Labrador comes in great different variety of shades ranging from white, pale cream, dark cream, and the darkest fox red.


For me, Labradors look cute and sometimes even funny. Here are some fun facts about Labradors.

 9. The environmental friendly Labrador

Tubby made a record by collecting nearly collected 26,000 plastic bottlespic credit: Guinness world records

Tubby, a Labrador in the UK has helped a lot in recycling plastic waste. Tubby made a record by collecting nearly collected 26,000 plastic bottles on his daily walk as a regular routine for over 6 years. It used to crush them and pass them to its owner, thus helping in recycling a lot of plastic waste.


 10. The story of a dog that went to prison

A black Labrador named Pep was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the Pennsylvania Governors cat. The dog was called the Pennsylvania cat-murderer. He was sent to prison and was pictured with an identification number around his neck. This story got very famous in 1924.

The story of a dog that went to prisonpic credit: history daily

But the real story seems different and it says that Pep was sent as a therapy dog to help the rehabilitation of the prisoners. But the news regarding the car murder and imprisonment got very famous during that time.