7 True Signs Of a Happy Labrador

7 True Signs Of a Happy Labrador

As a loving Labrador owner, you want your Lab to stay healthy and happy. And your dog’s state of happiness and sadness could have a great impact on your life.

Hence, sometimes you might get this thought in your mind, “Is my dog happy?”

As your dog could not talk and share whether it is happy or sad, as a loving owner it is your responsibility to find out whether your dog is happy or not

But how?

How to know if your dog is a happy Labrador?

What are the signs of a happy Labrador?

The article below explains all the 7 true signs of a happy Labrador retriever.


 1. Tail movement

This is one of the common signs that many people know. Yes, a wagging tail.

Many people think that a wagging tail is always a sign of a happy dog. But this is not the case every time. A dog that is standing stiff with stiff and fast tail movements is a sign of exhibiting stress and nervousness. My Lab does this whenever it is either worried or stressed.

A happy Labrador will always have a relaxed body with its tail in its natural position and it wags its tail gently from side to side with rhythmic movements.


 2. Floppy ears

Your Labrador’s ears are one of the things that add beauty to its loving face. Its ears tend to be soft and floppy.

The position of your Lab’s ears is another sign that determines whether your Lab is happy or not.

When your dog is happy its ears are relaxed and positioned naturally. If its ears are raised or flattened, it may be an indication that the dog is alert and stressed, but not happy.


 3. Relaxed mouth and eyes

Have you ever seen a smiling Labrador?

A Labrador’s face looks like a smiling one when it is usually happy. When your Lab is happy it has a relaxed mouth that is slightly open and the corners seem to be turned up. You may also notice its tongue slightly hanging outside.

Your dog usually keeps its mouth and tongue wide open while panting, do not confuse and consider that as a happy sign.

Also, have a look at your dog’s eyes when it is happy and relaxed. They have relaxed and soft eyes with a relaxed gaze. They often blink their eyes and their way of looking seems to be soft and gentle.


 4. Leaning into you

Two things my Lab does when it is happy, firstly it always wags its tail gently, and secondly, it starts to lean on me or sleep nearby me. It either starts leaning on my body or leans on to my hand and asks me for strokes. It truly enjoys the process and asks for it every time.

7 True Signs Of a Happy Labrador

Thus a happy and relaxed Labrador prefers to stay close to you and lean on to you. It enjoys your company, contact, and attention.

Many dog behaviorists claim that happy dogs usually prefer to make a lot of body contact with their owners.


 5. Shows belly and tongue

Does your Lab roll over and show its belly to you and ask for belly rubs? If yes, your Lab might be a happy one.

7 True Signs Of a Happy Labrador

Yes, a dog that shows its belly towards you with a slightly open mouth can be considered a sign that it is a happy dog. It is an exhibition of signs of trust, relaxation, and happiness. It’s a sign that the dog is in a relaxing mode and asking you for a belly rub.


 6. Non-destructive behavior

Do you know why a dog engages in destructive behavior? One of the reasons why dogs do destructive activities is due to the lack of enough physical and mental stimulation.

Labs belong to the category of dogs that require more physical exercise and mental exercise to stay happy when compared with other breeds of dogs.

Hence if your Lab does not involve in any destructive behavior, it can be considered as a sign that it is a happy dog and it means that it is getting the required amount of daily activity.

A dog that is happy usually does not exhibit any kind of destructive behavior.


 7. Eats well and sleeps well

The final sign to check whether your dog is happy or not is its appetite and sleep.

Do you know that Labradors are greedy dogs?

A happy and content Labrador always eats and sleeps well. It has a good appetite and will have a good sleep.

If your Lab does not eat well or doesn’t sleep well, it might be an indication that it is not comfortable. You need to understand that your dog might be stressed or sad or there may even be a chance of an underlying health problem.