Golden Labrador, Golden Lab

5 Things You Need to Know About The Golden Labrador

You might have seen a yellow Labrador, a black one or a chocolate one. But what about a Golden Labrador? Have you ever seen a Golden Labrador Retriever?

Actually, along with Labradors of various colors, even Golden Labs do exist. Here i am talking about a Golden Lab and do not confuse it with a Golden Retriever or a Goldador.

Actually, what is a Golden Labrador? How is it different from other Labradors? Is it any special?

Have a look below and this article covers various interesting facts and provides all the information you need about the Golden Labrador dog.



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What is a Golden Labrador?

Before knowing about the Golden lab, it is essential to understand certain terms that create confusion among the readers.

As i mentioned you, not confuse the word Golden Labrador with Golden retriever or Goldador. Let us keep the words separate to avoid confusion and learn a bit about the two terms.


Firstly Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is often confused with Golden Labrador as the word golden is in common between them.

The Golden Retriever is a separate breed of large-sized gun dog that is used in retrieving shot waterfowl and ducks during a hunting sport. They are also used as guide dogs, hearing dogs, sniffer dogs and also for search and rescue operations.

The Golden Retriever breed is friendly and gentle and its temperament makes it suitable as a perfect family dog. It is the third most popular family dog breed in the United States.


What about Goldador?

Goldador is actually a cross breed and is a product of breeding a purebred Labrador Retriever and purebred Golden Retriever. This Goldador has been introduced just a decade ago and it derives both the traits of a Labrador and a Golden Retriever.

These hybrid designer dogs are smart enough to work in anti-narcotics and also bomb detection squads.


What about the Golden Labrador dog?

Firstly, can you tell me the major difference you see between a yellow Labrador and a chocolate Labrador? What about the difference between a Fox red Lab and a Black Lab? The major difference that is clearly visible is its coat color. This is the case for a Golden Labrador too.

A Golden Labrador is nothing but a yellow Lab with a golden shade of its yellow coat. Although it is not an official color we call them as Golden Labradors simply because they appear golden in color.

Golden Labrador, Golden Lab

A yellow lab’s coat can come in various shades such as white, light cream, pale yellow, fox red and even golden shade. Thus the yellow labrador which gets its golden color shaded coat is called a Golden Labrador.

Hence Golden Labradors are not different from Labradors Retrievers. Both are one and the same.


AKC about Golden labs

According to The American Kennel Club, a Labrador Retriever coat comes in three colors, yellow, chocolate and black.

AKC does not mention anything specially about Golden Labradors, because they are registered as another shade of yellow. According to the AKC breed standard of the Labrador Retriever, It mentions as Yellow may range in color from fox-red to light cream.

Hence the golden color comes in between these shades.


5 facts about the Golden Labrador

1. Yellow Labradors were initially called Golden Labradors until the UK kennel club changed the name to yellow. The name was changed as they considered the fact that gold is not an actual color.


2. A pure Golden Labrador is visibly different from a yellow Labrador because of its golden shaded coat. The gold shaded coat looks a bit special that distinguishes the Golden Labrador from a yellow one.


3. Except for the coat color shade, all the remaining characteristics such as Golden Labrador size, Golden Labrador temperament and also its health issues remain the same as that of a yellow Labrador. Simply because the Golden Lab is nothing but actually a yellow one.


4. Golden Labradors are quite rare and uncommon, as they are just one shade among various shades of yellow. Yellow shaded Labradors are the ones which we commonly see daily, but the golden shaded ones are not greater in number.


5. Breeders prefer to call them “Old yellow Labs” as most of the yellow Labs in olden days were darker and gold in color. The pale yellow ones got popularised only after the 1970’s.


Golden Labrador breeders

Generally, there exist no breeders who are called the Golden Labrador breeders.

But some breeders who claim to be Golden lab breeders may adopt practices by breeding a golden shaded yellow labrador with a similar one to produce a Golden Labrador puppy.

Even though when two yellow labs with golden shade are bred, there is no guarantee that the whole litter may consist of Golden Labrador puppies.

While bringing home a puppy it is important to choose a puppy from a responsible breeder. Because a responsible breeder focuses on health and qualities of parent labradors rather than just the coat color.


Golden Labrador price

How much is a Golden Labrador puppy? Is it costly than Labradors of other shades?

Yes, the Golden Lab price is a bit higher when compared with labradors of other shades.

The main reason for these higher prices is its rarity. Any product that is uncommon or rare in the market quotes higher prices. Same is the case with Golden Labradors.

As the Golden Labs are not commonly found, many breeders try to take advantage of the customer wants and quote higher prices for the Golden Labrador puppies.

But a genuine breeder prefers to sell the Golden Lab puppies at the same price as that of a yellow labrador. Because the Golden Lab is technically a yellow one.

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