Can seizures cause Blindness in Dogs

Can Seizures Cause Blindness in Dogs?

Blindness is one of the symptoms your dog might experience after a seizure. During this epilepsy, you can find your dog bumping into walls and furniture and finding it difficult to walk even in its known surroundings.

Even my dog experienced these symptoms after he got affected with seizures. My dog Simba was sitting on the couch along with me watching television. He suddenly jumped onto the floor and started losing balance. He had seizures for the first time in his life which lasted for approximately 5 minutes, finally, the seizures stopped.

I went towards him, he could not listen to me, In order to make it feel normal i took him outside, he could not walk properly, moreover, he started bumping into walls, i was scared and did not understand what was happening. Finally, after a few minutes, i understood that he could not see me.

Eventually, i took him to the vet who administered anti-convulsion medication to him. Gradually after 10-15 minutes, Simba started looking at me. Even though he started looking at me i could not understand whether his vision was partial or fully restored.



Can seizures cause Blindness in Dogs?

To answer the point. Yes, Dogs go blind after seizures. But there is no need to worry as this blindness is often temporary. But let us see why dogs go blind after seizures? The causes are…

uncontrolled bursts of neurological activity in the Brain,seizures,brain inflammation

1. Seizures are nothing but uncontrolled bursts of neurological activity in the brain.

2. Seizures cause inflammatory reactions around the brain which cause abnormal connections with the area of the brain where vision is accessed. To keep it simple, the connections in some part of the brain related to vision are disturbed

3. The disturbed connections cause blindness and this resolves as soon as the inflammation of brain is reduced.



How long can a Dog stay blind after a Seizure?

1. My dog started gaining its vision after 15 minutes

2. Some dogs may take a few hours of time to regain their vision.

3. In cases of cluster seizures, the dog may stay blind for 3-4 days depending upon the severity of the condition of the dog.

4. I have seen cases of dogs that stayed partially blind up to 2-3 weeks of time

5. Permanent blindness is unlikely to occur unless there is some other underlying medical condition related to your dog’s eyes.


Symptoms of blindness in dogs

Symptoms of blindness in dogs


1. Bumping into walls and things. Check whether this happens during the broad daylight.

2. Difficulty in finding its bowls and toys.

3. Walking with anxiety and great caution.

4. Reluctance in going outside.

5. Using its nose continuously on to the ground while walking.

6. Anxiety and Depression.

7. Clumsiness.

8. Disorientation while walking and playing.

Can seizures cause Blindness in Dogs


Even though Seizures cause Blindness in dogs, there is nothing to worry. This Blindness is temporary and lasts from few minutes to few weeks depending upon the condition of your Dog.


Take great care of your Dog when his vision is partial. When the Dog is blind, your pet might feel more anxious and worried.


Your care and love can make your pet more relaxed and help him/her in the process of dealing Post Seizure Blindness

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