How to Potty train a Lab puppy without a Crate,Labrador puppy Potty training tips

How to Potty train a Lab puppy without a Crate

One of the immediate things you need to train your lab puppy after bringing in a home is Potty training. After all, who wants to make their house dirty? Potty training or House training or Housebreaking are all one and the same. Actually, I have heard many people suggesting crate training as a successful potty training method. But as i am against crate training, i have trained my dog successfully without using a crate. Follow this comprehensive guide to find out how to potty train a lab puppy without a crate.

How to potty train a Lab puppy without a crate

Potty training a lab puppy without a crate is not a difficult task and this can be done following these 6 simple steps.

 1. Understanding the timings

Young puppies usually eliminate during certain times such as after waking up, after meals, after a nap, after a play. Hence it is necessary to take your puppy outside during these times. As puppies generally eat 4 meals a day take him outside to evacuate after every meal. They take approximately 5 to 30 minutes of time to evacuate after eating their meal. And also take him outside after a short nap and a play.


 2. Fixing the potty spot

Have you observed puppies and dogs smelling their area before emptying? This is because dogs have a tendency to eliminate in the same place where they have done it before, hence they search for the smell. Therefore establish a regular potty spot for your puppy to carry out his work and take him always to the same spot. In this way, it associates with the smell and understands that it is his potty area.

 3. Establish a perfect schedule

My puppy has its breakfast at 8 am in the morning, lunch at 2 pm, and dinner at 8 pm. I have been following this routine since its first day at home. I strictly follow these schedules and take him for potty after every meal. Do you know one thing, dogs love patterns. Establishing regular patterns of meal timings and loo break after every meal strictly helps your puppy to condition its mind to these patterns. This will help your puppy to set his biological clock for his potty timings.

 4. Reward based training

Dogs especially breed like labradors like pleasing their owners and they also continue to adopt behaviours that are rewarded. Hence carry a treat whenever you take your puppy out for potty and reward him whenever he does it outside. This method of positive reinforcement greatly works and your puppy prefers to evacuate outside for its rewards and treats. I used to carry my puppy’s favourite biscuits while going out and offer him whenever he evacuates outside. I slowly replaced the treats with a good amount of praise, like petting him and using some word like “good boy”. Whenever i use this word “good boy”, my dog will understand that i am praising him.

 5. Tell your dog if it is bad

Whenever your puppy does something undesirable, you must tell him and make him understand that it is bad. So whenever your puppy evacuates inside the house, do not shout at him but tell him with a firm voice that it is bad. Remember that you should not scare your puppy in this process as things might get worse. Your puppy just needs to understand that you are not happy with his behaviour. A firm voice and using a word such as “No” will be enough.

 6. Be patient

What were you doing a few months back? studying? partying? but your little puppy is still in its mother’s womb. The world is new to him and it will take some time for your little lab to adjust to these training processes. Some puppies can learn to housebreak in few days and some might take months. So maintain your patience in training your puppy.


Labrador puppy Potty training tips

1. Clean the indoor area where your puppy eliminates with a strong cleaner so that your puppy will not recognize the smell. Because the smell encourages the puppy to go to the same spot. Remember that your lab puppy is a great sniffer.

2. A young puppy has less holding capacity, some younger puppies cannot hold at all till a certain age. Hence take him out for frequent potty breaks.

3. Always observe your puppy and check for signs such as whining, circling, and sniffing. Puppies make such signs when they feel like eliminating.

4. As your puppy is young eliminating in the house is pretty common, so do not get angry and be patient

5. I have seen some people doing this. Rubbing the puppy’s nose against the potty area is a very bad practice and it does not serve any purpose.

6. Always take him out for potty with a leash. This creates a controlled environment for your puppy while eliminating.

7. Do not upset your puppy’s digestive tract and its potty patterns with unnecessary foods and treats.

8. Be practical in expecting results as training your puppy takes some time

9. Use a command word like “Potty” while taking him out for that purpose. Your puppy will gradually associate with that word.

10. Always use positive reinforcement or reward-based training and trust me it works.

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