Labrador quotes

Labrador quotes- 15 quotes for every Labrador lover

It is difficult to explain the bonding between your labrador and you. Your lab’s love cannot be measured with words. But some quotes can perfectly describe how your lab loves you, how it cares for you, how it thinks about and how it redefines your life.

Here are some Labrador quotes that might be perfectly suitable for your Labrador friend.

Labrador Quotes- best of the best


 1. A labrador quote to explain how your lab feels all the time.Labrador quotes

“Remember me because I will never forget You”


 2. A labrador is truly a miracleLabrador quotes

“Labradors are Miracles with Paws”


 3. A labrador’s fun sideLabrador quotes

“You call them house flies, I call them Sky Raisins”




 4. Quote for your Yellow LabradorLabrador quotes

“Yellow shines with Optimism, Enlightenment and Happiness”


 5. Black lab quotes for a Black lab loverLabrador quotes

“Simple pleasures are Life’s Treasures”


6. Labrador quotes

“Labs are Children covered in Fur”


7.Labrador quotes

“If you wake up with the Wierd feeling that someone is staring at you…You’re probably a Lab parent”


 8. Who does not love chocolates? and who does not love a chocolate lab? Some chocolate lab quotes for youLabrador quotes

“Love is owned by a Chocolate Labrador”


 9.Labrador Quotes

“You can’t buy Love. But you can buy a Chocolate Lab which is essentially the same thing”


 10.Labrador Quotes

“All you need is Love and a Labrador”


 11.Labrador Quotes

“He is your Friend, your Partner, Your Dog.

      You are his Life, his Love, his Leader.

  He will be Yours, Faithful and True, to the last Beat of his Heart”


 12.Labrador Quotes

“A House is never Lonely where a Loving Labrador waits”


 13.Labrador Quotes

“The journey called Life is much more fun when accompanied by a Labrador ”


 14.Labrador Quotes

“I don’t Shed. I emit Magical Fibers of Joy and Love”


 15.Labrador Quotes

“There comes a time when the bonding begins…When the pup meets your eyes with a resolute Gaze that says, simply, I will Trust you and do my Best for you all the days of my Life”

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