Saving your Pet with CPR,CPR,emergency

Saving your Pet with CPR

Is there any step that you can perform during an emergency, that can increase the chance of saving your pet’s life? There is a chance of saving your pet with CPR. Yes, CPR is that one step which can increase your Dogs survival chances during a near death condition.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) is an emergency technique with a combination of Chest compressions and Respiration in order to revive someone whose heart has stopped beating

Hence it is essential for every Pet owner to learn how to do CPR. CPR during an emergency might be helpful in increasing the chances of saving your Pet

A procedure of Saving your Pet with CPR

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Initial Checks

Check whether your Dog is breathing

Keep your hand near its nose and also try to hear the breathing sounds, also observe the movement of its chest for rising and falling

If your dog is not breathing, check its airways for any kind of obstruction. If present, pull its tongue forward and remove the objects or liquids from its throat with your finger


Check whether your Dog has Pulse

The immediate question is How to check your Dog’s pulse?

Place your fingers near the inner thigh area where the body meets the legs. You can find the femoral artery to check the pulse. If you do not find any pulse rate, you have start CPR immediately.


 How to do CPR on a Dog?

1. Positioning for CPR

Lay your Dog on a flat surface and place your pet’s right side on the floor.

Straighten its neck and head in order to create an airway passage.

Place yourself behind the back.


2. Placing your hands

Bring its elbows back to its chest to find the position of the heart.

Place the heel of the palms one above the other on that location.


3. Perform quick Compressions

Give your pet a rescue breathing for 4-5 times and start quick compressions.

Keep your elbows straight and give 15 quick, firm compressions along with a rescue breathe for every 15 chest compressions.


4. How to perform rescue breathe?

Close the muzzle of your Dog with your hands and ensure that the mouth is completely sealed. Start blowing air into the Dog’s nostrils and check for chest expansions. Loosen your hand over the muzzle in order to make way for the entered air to escape outside. Repeat blowing into the nostril once again and continue the process

Perform this process of rescue breathing during chest compressions. Perform one rescue breathe for every 15 quick chest compressions.


5. Continue the procedure

Continue CPR until the Dog starts to breathe or regain its pulse. You can continue CPR up to 20 minutes.

 Contact your Vet as soon as possible in order to take your Dog to the hospital. CPR is not a guarantee in saving your pet’s life. But, this process of CPR can be performed on the way to the hospital as a measure to increase the chance of saving your Pet.

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