Dudley Lab

Dudley Lab- The special Labrador

Labrador lovers say that happiness starts with a wet nose, and a wet nose comes in various colors.

Your Labrador’s nose can come in various colors such as black, dark black and brown.

Then what about a pink nose? Where did the pink nose Labrador come from? Is a Labrador with pink nose called a Dudley Lab?

This article explains everything about the special Dudley Labrador retriever. Have a look.


Dudley Lab- What is a Dudley Lab actually?

Usually, yellow Labs, black Labs have black noses and chocolate Labradors have brown noses. This is pretty common. But some yellow Labradors have noses without any pigmentation. Not only noses you can find other areas such as eye rims without pigmentation.

Have you seen them?


So Dudley Labrador is a normal Labrador which does not have any pigmentation on the nose, eyes, eye rims and even feet. They look pink since the day of birth throughout the entire life.

This is a unique genetic trait and this cannot be considered as an abnormality.


Labrador Pigmentation genetics

Why do Dudley Labrador puppies have pink noses? It is all connected to its genetics.

When you look at a newborn Labrador puppy, you can see its pink bright nose. Usually, this colour becomes darker within one or two weeks. Some noses start turning black, some into brown and some remain pink in colour.

This change in colour is totally dependent upon the density of melanin present in the puppy’s body cells. This melanin density in the nose is dependent upon the genes the puppy has inherited from its parents.

A Dudley Labrador is a result of genes that the puppy has acquired from its parents. This Dudley Lab retains its pink color nose even though it grows older and older. This is purely related to genetics.


Are Dudley Labs rare?

Yes, Dudley Labs are a rare genetic variation and only a few percentages of yellow Labradors tend to carry this genetic trait. Even though Dudley Labradors are rare, they cannot be treated as genetically defective. They are just another version of colour variation.

But some people argue that Dudley Labs are very common. This is because they confuse their Lab for a Dudley Labrador because of the colour depigmentation that occurs generally with age and seasons.

Many Labradors lose their pigmentation on the nose usually as the dog grows by age. This is very common. At the age of 4, my dog started losing its pigmentation and i have observed my Labrador’s nose turning pink.

The pigment melanin in your dog’s nose is produced by an enzyme called Tyrosinase which becomes ineffective slowly as your Labrador grows by age and you find its nose losing pigmentation.

The depigmentation increases during the winter as this tyrosine is more effective in warmer weather. Hence this condition is known as Winter Nose or Snow Nose.

Dudley Lab,Are Dudley labs rare

Do not confuse the Labrador with a pink nose with a Dudley Labrador. Not every pink nose Labrador is a Dudley dog.

As normal Labradors with snow nose retain their black colour around eye rims even though they lose their nose colour. But this is not the case with Dudley Labs as they do not have pigmentation on the eye rims too.


Dudley Lab characteristics

A Dudley Lab has the same characteristics as that of a normal dark nose Labrador. Either black nose or brown nose or a Dudley nose, every Labrador can be a loving and wonderful family pet.

The only difference is the physical characteristics related to the colour of its nose, eye rims and feet. Dudley Labs have no pigmentation in some areas where yellow Labs have black colour.

Other than this you won’t find any characteristic differences between Dudley Labradors and normal dark nose Labradors.


Dudley Labrador health issues

A Dudley Labrador will have the same health issues as a normal Labrador, such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, bloat, cancer etc.

The Dudley’s nose is not harmful in any way but it is more prone to sunburns as it has no pigmentation. This would not be a problem if you live in areas where the climate is mild and pleasant. It could be a problem if you live in areas of hotter climates.

In such cases, you should be careful in keeping your Dudley Labrador out of the sun.

If your dog prefers to enjoy the long sunny days, remember to apply sunscreen to its nose to avoid severe sunburns.

Remember that you should not use a sunscreen intended for human use as it may contain ingredients toxic for your dog. There are many safe non-toxic sunscreens available in the market for your dog.

After my research, i found out some best ones. You can either use this or this. Or else you can also consult your Vet to choose the sunscreen protection to protect its nose.

Or if your dog does not like the sunscreens, you should at least buy a doggy sun hat like this to protect him


Are Dudley Labs bad?- Should i buy a Dudley Labrador puppy?

A dark nosed puppy or a pink-nosed one. Both are no different. A Dudley Lab puppy is as friendly and as active as a dark nosed puppy.

Some people think twice before buying a Dudley Labrador puppy due to certain factors which are untrue regarding Dudley Labrador temperament and its behaviour. As i told you a Dudley is the same as a dark nosed one.


Dudley Lab price- Are Dudley Labs more expensive?

Many dog breeders try to gain an advantage by quoting higher prices for the puppies which are different from the litter. Actually, a genuine breeder will not quote higher prices for a different coloration.

Many breeders try to sell Dudley Lab puppies for a higher price claiming the pigmentation difference as a unique and different quality. I have seen people who bought Dudley puppies for inflated prices who believed that lack of pigmentation as different quality.

But some breeders sell Dudley Lab puppies at lower prices as they consider it as an unwanted genetical trait. It all depends upon the nature of the breeder.


Before bringing home a Dudley Lab it is better to know two facts regarding Dudley Labs.

1. Their noses are at higher risk of sunburn in hotter climates. You should take essential care to prevent such sunburns. This is important to remember.

2. If you want your Labrador to be a champ in shows, it is better to avoid Dudley Labs. The Show ring penalizes Labradors with pale noses, pale eye rims and feet.

So, unless you want your Labrador to participate in shows there is no reason for rejecting a Dudley Labrador. If you are looking for a beloved family pet, a Dudley Labrador can be a wonderful pet and a lovable family member like any other Labrador retriever.


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    1. Hello Aashi, I am not a breeder. I am a blogger and i write articles on Labradors.
      Anyway, trust me Dudley labs are wonderful. Feel free to contact me again if you have any doubts regarding labradors.

      1. Stephanie Pritchard

        I had a male Dudley lab. Got him when he was 4 weeks old. I lost him about a month ago from renal failure. He was 10 years old. Best dog I have ever had. My heart is broken

      2. I can understand how painful it can be when a loving dog leaves you. I had experienced this pain in the past. Even though our dogs leave us, their wonderful memories always stay with us.

  1. I cannot see why Dudley Labs are not good enough to use in shows. I have one and she is BEAUTIFUL 😍

    1. The way the kennel clubs have decided the standards stop Dudley labs from entering the shows. But, as you said they are beautiful and make wonderful family pets.

    2. We have a Dudley lab named Dobby. Beautiful pup. He loves stealing socks…. Hence the name Dobby…😂

    3. Our 4 month old Charlotte is a beautiful Dudley. Her coloring is a unique blend of yellow and cream. Her nose and paws are a pretty pinky brown. But best of all are her gorgeous amber colored eyes. They could melt anyones heart. When I talk to her and look into those eyes I can see love shining through. She is a smart and beautiful pup and we wouldn’t trade her for anything!

  2. My Chase is a Dudley pink nose and very unusual eye color they are yellowish but kinda grey around the edges hes 8 months and such a good boy wouldnt trade him for the world

    1. Chase must have been special with that special colored eyes. 8 months means a cute little pup

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