Smegma in Dogs,dog smegma

Smegma in Dogs- All you need to know

This is one of the topics that dog owners feel embarrassed to talk about, but it is important not to feel embarrassed as it is regarding your dog’s health, even though it is related to your dog’s private parts.

Dog smegma is one of the issues that especially male dog owners notice in their dog’s lives. Before knowing about smegma in dogs it is important to have a brief idea regarding your dog’s private part. As this is not an anatomy class, i will explain you in a simple way.

The skin and tissue surrounding the outer surface of a dog’s reproductive organ is called Prepuce or Sheath. This is the outer part that is visible to you normally. The inner structure is usually pink or red in colour. The small discharge that you can observe near the opening of the prepuce is nothing but Dog smegma.



Smegma in Dogs- What is it actually?

We have understood that the discharge at the opening of the prepuce is called Smegma. But what is smegma in dogs? What is it actually made of?

Smegma is a combination of dead skin cells, moisture and oils that act as a lubricant and useful during mating. Its formation has a purpose and it is not problematic unless some abnormality is associated with it.

It is generally yellowish-white in colour. It can also have a greenish shade sometimes. The image below is actually cheese, but i just wanted to show you what smegma looks like. This is not an exact representation but it looks in a similar way.

Smegma in Dogs

There is nothing to worry if your dog produces this smegma. Young dogs generally produce smegma in greater quantities and you might observe this smegma dripping out while your dog is sleeping or relaxing.


When can dog smegma be a problem?

Smegma in dogs can be considered a problem when your dog has issues related to its smegma such as excessive dripping, foul-smelling drip and excessive licking.

There can be various causes for the above-mentioned problems. Look at the causes below

1. Bacterial infections

2. Environmental allergens

3. Inflammation of the prepuce

4. External injury

5. Other reproductive issues

Any of these health issues can make the dog smegma problematic.


Dog smegma infection symptoms

It is important for every dog owner to observe your dog’s symptoms very carefully to identify any underlying health problem easily and also at an early stage itself. Most of the time a dog smegma infection indicates an underlying health issue.

Smegma in Dogs,Dog Smegma infection symptoms, dog smegma

A male dog discharge can be varying, it may include pus, mucus or urine, and sometimes there can be variation in the colour of your dog’s smegma.

As a responsible dog owner, it is important to identify the discharge and find out whether the dog sheath discharge is normal or not. If you find any of the symptoms given below, there may a greater chance of some other underlying medical problem apart from normal smegma discharge. Look for any kind of these symptoms in your Dog.

1. An excess discharge which is greater than normal levels.

2. Discharge that contains mucus, pus or blood. You have to differentiate properly between smegma discharge and other kinds of pus discharge.

3. Excessive licking and signs of genital discomfort.

4. Swelling or inflammation of the genital part.

If you find any of these symptoms, take your dog to the vet to make a proper diagnosis of the underlying issue and provide effective treatment before the condition becomes worse.

Smegma in Dogs, Dog smegma

How to clean Dog smegma?

Many people ask me about the best way of dog smegma treatment. But, Is this word treatment right? No. It’s just cleaning and nothing else. Do you want to clean your dog’s smegma? Then leave the job to your dog and your dog will do it himself.

Your dog will lick the area to keep its private part clean, and this is its Natural cleaning mechanism. My Labrador does this itself and there is no need to interfere in its job.

In most cases, smegma requires no specialised cleaning and any other kind of treatment. Human intervention is not essential unless there exist any unnecessary symptoms like the ones i mentioned above.

But, all dogs are not the same. Similarly, the amount of smegma dripping may not be the same in all dogs. Hence if you want to clean the excess smegma dripping all over, you can use simple means to assist your dog’s cleaning process.

1. Use can use a simple wet cloth to clean off the excess smegma.

2. Puppy wet wipes without any unnecessary harsh chemicals can be used.

Smegma in Dogs,puppy wet wipes

3. Warm and diluted saltwater solution is also a better option for cleaning Dog smegma.


Finally! Important things to remember

1. Discharge of smegma is normal, but not pus discharge. Finding the differentiation between the two is important.

2. Check for conditions of excessive dripping.

3. Excessive and continuous licking is not normal in dogs.

4. Check for colour change in the dog sheath discharge.

5. Observe other symptoms such as lethargy, fever and loss of appetite in your dog.

6. If you notice any unwanted symptoms, it is important to take your dog to the vet in proper time.

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