What does it mean when your Dog’s Balls turn Black

What does it mean when your Dog’s Balls Turn Black?

Your dog cannot explain if it has any problem anywhere on its body. Hence as a dog owner, it is important to observe any kind of physical changes that occur in your dog’s body.

I have observed many people feeling uncomfortable while talking about their dog’s balls, I mean the dog’s genitals. I don’t understand why people feel so. You have to understand the fact that the dog’s testicles are an integral part of its furry body.

As your dog cannot explain its problems, it is essential to observe your dog’s testicles as a part of routine grooming. As a part of regular grooming, while brushing its rear end and back legs you need to observe the form, shape and color of your dog’s testicles regularly.

When you see your growing male dog and notice its balls turning darker or black, you might get a question in your mind.”Why are my dogs balls black?” Are they normal? Is there any issue with my dog’s testicles?

You might get worried about all these thoughts. Hence it is essential to understand what does it mean when your dog’s balls turn black.

This article answers the various questions that come to your mind when you notice your dogs balls turning black.


What does it mean when your dog’s balls turn black?

You generally do not notice any testicles when your dog is a little male puppy as the testicles are undescended. But when your dog reaches his 8th week they are descended into the scrotum and are clearly visible.

The balls which i mean is the scrotal sac that contains the testes which are the male reproductive organs of your dog.

What does it mean when your dog’s balls turn black

Let us talk about some basic questions regarding your dog’s balls. What are dogs balls supposed to look like? and what color are dogs balls supposed to be?

If you know answers to these questions, you get a clear understanding of the exact condition of your dog’s balls and their right color.

Your dog’s balls or the scrotum looks like a thin pouch of skin with testicles inside it. It is soft to touch, and it is sometimes hairless and some dogs may have fur on it. My Labrador has fur on its balls too.

Then what about the color? Are dogs balls supposed to be black?

May not be always, but the color of these balls can vary from pink, brown to dark color which depends upon the degree of pigmentation in that area, just like humans.

My both male Labradors have their scrotum which is dark and greyish in color and this is not uncommon. Irrespective of the skin color on other parts of the dog’s body its scrotum tends to be greyish and darker in color generally.

I have heard a common question from many people, My dogs balls are black. Why? Actually, when a dog matures and gets older, its scrotum gets a darker pigmentation and may turn darker. It can even become black which is not to be worried at all.

When to worry?

There is nothing to worry when you notice your dog’s balls turning black as the dog matures.

But it necessary to be careful and cautious when your dog exhibits any kind of unusual symptoms. Hence observe if your dog exhibits any kind of these symptoms

 1. If there is excessive licking of that area. Generally, dogs have this habit of licking as a process of a self-cleaning mechanism.

But if you observe your dog licking its scrotum excessively, it would be better if you take him to the Vet. Excessive licking sometimes can be a symptom of testicular diseases such as Epididytimis and Orchitis.

2. Pinkish color and spots of pink color on the skin are common but excessive pink spots can be a concern as there is a chance of inflammation of the scrotum.

3. A Red colored scrotum is certainly an issue. You might think, why are my dogs balls red? Your dog’s balls are red because it has effected either with a superficial irritation or severe inflammation.

Red color can indicate an infection in the scrotum. In such cases, take your dog to your vet as soon as possible.

4. Any sort of sudden changes in color of the scrotum. Any sudden color change or unusual color change should be noticed carefully.

When there is a sudden color change in your dog’s balls, there is always a chance that your dog might have got bruised. This can cause color change to blue or purple color. In any case, if you notice that your dog has purple balls, there might be a chance of some problem.

When your dog’s balls are purple, it might be have been caused either due to simple pigmentation and infection or sometimes a serious issue such as bruising and testicular torsion. Always remember that such sudden changes should not be neglected at all.

5. Observe if there is any kind of swelling, painful conditions and difficulty in urination. If you observe these kinds of symptoms, it should be brought to the immediate attention of your Vet.


What to do when my dog’s balls are black and peeling?

I have observed this symptom of peeling of the scrotal skin in my Labrador. Initially, when i noticed that my dogs balls are peeling, i was very much worried.

After a little bit of study and careful observation, i noticed that its scrotum appeared to be very dry and this skin peeling occurred due to this severe dry skin issue.

Actually, peeing is not something very serious. Your dog is simply shedding off the damaged old skin in order to get its new skin. In my Lab’s case, the peeling issue used to be severe in the winter days and my dog used to lick its genitals continuously which further exacerbated the condition.

I even observed a little inflammation of the skin due to its excessive licking.

In most of the cases, the peeling of scrotal skin occurs due to excessive dryness. No need to worry as it is a part of the natural formation of new skin. But a little care is to be taken to manage the condition effectively

I personally suggest you to apply this Pure coconut oil to the affected area, as it improves hydration and reduces the loss of water from the skin. I used to use it for my dog. Coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties that help to heal your dog’s skin easily.

Using this remedy improved the condition of my dog’s scrotal skin effectively. Or you can also try some other best brands like this pure coconut oil here. But if you observe any sort of crusty skin or any discharge of liquid, your dog might be suffering from some kind of infection and inflammation of the scrotum. Hence in such cases, it is better to visit your vet to take care of your dog’s skin condition.


What about black spots on dogs balls?

Along with dog black balls, the other issue that worries dog owners is black spots on dogs testicles.

I have seen many dogs with black spots on their testicles. Some dogs even have black spots all over their belly. For some dogs, some spots even get bigger and darker as the dog grows older.

If you notice the same kind of spots on your dog, you may worry a little and think, why does my dog have black spots on his balls? Are they normal? Or is it related to some other problem?

What about black spots on dogs balls?

Whenever you observe any kind of such black spots on your dog’s balls, the most important thing you need to observe is your dog’s skin in that area. You need to check whether the skin of your dog’s balls is healthy or not.

If the skin is not irritated, and if your dog is not concerned about his balls and spots on them, you can consider it as normal pigmentation. In such a case, these black spots might be the result of a skin reaction. As the skin reacts it releases more pigment in that particular area.

There is nothing to worry about this kind of pigmentation.

But if your dog is being bothered by these black spots, or if there is any kind of thickness and texture to these black spots or if your dog is licking them continuously, it is essential to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

But if the black spots are not associated with any kinds of symptoms and changes in your dog’s behaviour, it can be considered just as normal pigmentation.

The issue related to your dog’s balls might have worried you a little. But now you have understood how to take proper care of your dog.



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  2. Hi just wondering why my dog. He is a purebred bluenose pit he is about 12 years old and he still has his manhood but one of them is starting to turn hard and the skin around it . Should I be worried ?

    1. Do not worry my dear friend. Problems are quite common, especially in elderly dogs. Check for any other symptoms if your dog has? Hold the testicle and check if your dog has any sort of pain. Check if your dog exhibits any other symptoms.
      Contraction and relaxation of the skin of the scrotum is quite common and if this is the case, there is nothing to worry. But if the testicle itself is turning hard, it cannot be considered as normal. It is better to consult your local vet to get your dog examined.
      It is always better to identify the problem in the beginning stages itself, rather than delaying it. Consult a good Veterinarian and I hope, all is well.

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