Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know

Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know

It is always advisable to know your dog’s characteristics to check whether if it suits your lifestyle. For example, a great Dane might not be as active as a Dalmatian. Similarly, a Labrador dog has some specific characteristics that make them apart from other dogs. You might be reading this article because, either you want to bring home a new Labrador or you want to know your labrador characteristics to handle him in a better way. I have compiled a list of special labrador characteristics which make them unique.

Labrador characteristics- the special 7

 1. Gentle

One of the best traits of a Labrador is its gentleness. If I ask my labrador to bring an egg, he can bring it to me without breaking it. They have the capability of using their mouths with utmost delicateness. Hence labs can be the best pets for a family with kids as they can handle kids properly. It is not a general norm that every labrador is gentle, some dogs can turn aggressive depending upon its growing conditions. But Labradors, in general, are gentle in nature which makes them excellent family dogs.


 2. Always hungry

Labradors are voracious eaters. They eat whatever and whenever you feed them. Even after eating a heavy meal they look at you with a sympathetic face when you eat something. During every meal, my dog’s bowl contains more food than my plate.

Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know, always hungry

Hence is common for labs to eat unnecessary garbage and get their stomachs upset frequently. So you should be careful with your labrador diet and nutrition which means the right quantity and the right quality of food.


 3. Intelligent and easy to train

Labradors are quick learners. My dog sits when i ask him to sit, he stays when i ask him to stop, and he stops doing anything when i say the command “no”. It was not difficult for me to train him. A simple reward-based training works very effectively in training a labrador. They can learn commands very quickly and a well-trained labrador can fill your home with happiness.

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Do you know that Labradors are one of the top intelligent breeds on this planet?. The innate desire to please their owners when combined with their thinking ability results in exhibiting their intelligence. Because of its intelligence Labradors are the most widely used service dogs.


 4. Great swimmers

If you have a habit of visiting the lakeside tours, labradors would be your best companions. Do you know the history of Labradors? Labrador was originally the fisherman companion which used to work along with them fetching ropes, pulling nets and retrieving fish from the cold waters of North Atlantic ocean.

So they have a natural genetical affinity with water. My dog loves playing in the beach waters a lot. They are great swimmers and their webbed feet and otter tail help them in swimming. A Labrador can spend all the day playing in the water.


 5. Most friendly and affectionate

Some people ask me questions like “Are labrador dogs dangerous?”, “Will a labrador bite?”, “Are labradors aggressive?”. These questions seem a bit funny to me because we are talking about Labradors. A Labrador with proper obedience training at early ages can be the most friendly and affectionate dog breed ever. Its friendly nature makes it a perfect family dog and it develops a great bonding with your family. Hence it feels bad if you leave it alone for long hours of time.

Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know,Most friendly and affectionate

A labrador is mostly friendly towards other dogs, strangers and children. A labrador which has enough exposure to different people and different puppies in its early stages becomes Pet-friendly, Stranger-friendly and Children-friendly.


 6. Shedding is their daily routine

If you are willing to bring home a lab you should be ready for something. It is fur, fur and fur everywhere. Labradors have a thick dense double coat which causes this excessive shedding. Seasonal shedding occurs due to change in seasons which almost looks like snowfall in your house.

Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know,Shedding is their daily routine

So the next question in your mind is How to stop labrador hair fall?. Do not worry, even though shedding occurs in labradors there are Proven methods to minimize hair fall. You can use tools such as Furminator rake to regulate shedding in your dog.


 7. Need a good amount of exercise

Labrador comes with a baggage of energy. If this energy is not utilised properly it leads to destructive behaviour. Labradors are sporting dogs, hence their bodies demand a lot of exercises. If you are a couch potato a Labrador might not suit you.

Labrador characteristics- 7 things you should know,Need a good amount of exercise

Labradors are highly energetic and a proper amount of exercise is very essential for their physical and mental health. A labrador without proper exercise can exhibit destructive behaviour such as barking, chewing, digging, scratching walls. So if you want to raise a healthy labrador, take him outdoors for a ball fetch or a long walk. This ensures health and happiness to your lab.

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